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RISCO Services for Your Benefits

We are committed in providing the following benefits to our Client :


Our Commitment

RISCO Services

Clients Benefits


   Sourcing the right Policy and coverage to reduce premium.  
  Risco will source from all Insurers that deem credible in underwriting for the Client with the best coverage and rates.  


   Reduction on Premium Rates.  


    Guaranteed minimum saving of 10% on yearly premium paid.  
   RISCO will function to negotiate the full Premium Discount earn by Conventional Agent to be refund back.  

Saving of Minimum 10% from the Yearly Premium Paid is GUARANTEED.

Client use to be paying a Premium of RM100,000.00 yearly will have instant saving up of Minimum RM10,000.00.




    Claim Advisory and Formal Representation.  

Conventional Agent cannot dictate to speak or write for their Client nor enter into a meeting or negotiation for their Client. RISCO can act and represent Client.



   Expeditious and satisfactory Claims Settlement.  


   Risk Consultation on Loss Prevention.  
   Survey of Client Risk when need arise  
   Minimizing loss risk that will interrupt client business.  



   Consultation of Best Insurance Cover.  

Reviewing existing or new policy and establish the ACTUAL coverage and Sum Insured involve..



   Optimise coverage of Insurance with relevant extension only.  

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