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RISCO as Your Advisor

RISCO step into an Advisory positioning equivalent to an In-House Insurance Department. We would represent and act for the best interest of our Clients.


 Why Choose RISCO ?

1. We are a Corporate Entity and NOT Sole Agency Proprietor.
2. Provide Independent Advise to our Client with relationship building intention rather than to conclude a business.
3. RISCO as your Advisor work with you to identify your main risk and what should be insured in accordance to you needs.
4. We offer you choice of insurance coverage and services that match with the best price.
5. We provide complete line of business product, risk management and loss prevention service.
6. Explain to our client on "Common Understanding" term the insurance policies that are difficult to understand.
7. Assisting and attending to your claims and negotiate for prompt conclusion and equitable settlements if payable.
8. We are not limited to one company, this means you don't have to change insurance agencies as your needs change.
  Through us you have access to any insurance company of your choice.
9. Give you excellent service and competitive terms and conditions from reputable Insurance Companies.

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